Wednesday, November 10, 2010

emily style - patchwork bag

here another emily style drawstring bag but this time its done with patchwork due to fabric limitation. they're for nykolett from elyza's fabric. on top is the front view of the bag with 2 pleated pockets and its side view for more close up!

here's the back view of the bag and interior with 2 pockets inside.

seashell elyza's fabric with 2 exterior pockets and 2 interior pockets.

the back view of the bag and the interior view. well all said and done. i love making them and how i wish they were mine :)


  1. Fuyoh!...uniquely mine..suke sesangat...thanx nadia..mesti extra work kan kene sambung2 scraps..anyway worth all the effort cos they are both gorgeous..

  2. ... nampak ceria... cantik.. walaupun hasil lebihan tapi kreativiti dah covers everything... cantik2..

  3. salam perkenalan ya nama ku melor