Sunday, June 6, 2010

tutorial : fabric bows

this is the tutorial for making fabric bows. first you will need to cut 6 fabrics of 3 different fabric design and the measurements are :
fabric 1 - 7.5" x  8.5" (cut 2 pieces)
fabric 2 - 8.5" x 9.5" (cut 2 pieces)
fabric 3 - 9.5" x 10.5" (cut 2 pieces)
(you can either use ribbon in the middle or cut 2 pieces of small pieces of fabric size 2" x 5")

sew the middle pieces together, right sides facing and turn it inside out. sew all around the first , second and third fabric right sides facing and leaving a few inches wide open at the end for turning.

snip the corners to make turning easier and nicer. turn it out and use a closed scissors or pen to push the remaining fabric out. do this on all 3 fabric pieces. then sew slip stitch to close the opening. press with an iron to smooth out creases.

now place fabric 1 on top of fabric 2 and fabric 3 being at the bottom. fold all 3 fabrics into half and start folding the fabric concertina fold and hold it with a pin.

once you've done that, fold the middle fabric piece into half and fold again the sides to the middle creases and place it in the middle of the bow. stitch it in place. you can attach pins if you like.

now its ready to be used as an embellishment for your handmade stuff. happy sewing :)

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