Sunday, October 3, 2010

tutorial : fun fabric flower

this is the tutorial for fun fabric flower.

first cut 6 pieces of  fabrics 6"diameter and 1 piece of  fabric 4" diameter.

once you have all the pieces , fold the bigger pieces (which will become the flower petals) into half and then half again like in the picture below.

you will be having all 6 pieces folded into quarters.

next sew at the end of it with running stitches and connect all six pieces together. you could do it by hand or machine but i prefer sewing it by hand as i can adjust the distance between the stitches.

as for the smaller pieces (which will become the center of the flower) i stuffed it with rags from fabric or you could stuff it with cotton fiber and stitch it closed.

thats it, very easy and simple ! if you have any questions , drop me a line :)
enjoy your new fabric flower!


  1. salam nadia....
    cantik bunga awak... terima kasih kerana berkongsi tutorial bunga ni... nanti saya nak cuba buat jugaklah.....

  2. i like your tutorial very much....thanks for sharing

  3. nice and easy tut to folow..keep up the good effort nadia.

  4. thanks everybody for the lovely comment :>

  5. the tutorial is very helpful! thanks for sharing :)

  6. tq coz share ttrial nisy sgt suka baca blog yg ada ttrial,,,,tu tndanya org yg xkedekut ilmu,,,tq tq

  7. hi....thnkz for the to try in one day ^_^