Thursday, November 4, 2010

abby style handbag

 abby style handbag in red 

here's another lovely beauty i made recently. abby measured 10" wide at the bottom, 7" tall in the middle, 4" deep from front to back, 13" top opening and 9" strap drop. its really small and cute. perfect for normal short trips or daily outing.


  1. What a gorgeous bag! Two thumbs up for you :).
    Ada my friend pun minta buatkan bag macam ni. Cuma measurement lain skit. Belum ada masa nak duduk memerah otak on how to come out with the pattern. Since you otai in bag making ni, i hope u don't mind kalau i contact u later for tips on making such beautiful bag ya? Thanks dear!

  2. hmmmm ...beg sexy ni pun kak minat...will post to you my own material for abby style bag.Bila nak bertandang ke KL??kain2 dah siap susun for you.Just get ready the emily bag dulu...bole discount lagi ke???

  3. nadia.... cantik... i like the colour + fabric design ...rare colour..