Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Some better days ....

Well at least I thought yesterday was one of the best days amongst all other 'best' days all these times he he he. I messaged my sister ( she's in the States) asking her how she was and I told her that I kinda miss her. She replied that she wanted to talk to me on Viber ( I have that app before but deleted it due to some technical fault on my phone). So I asked her if she has Whatsapp and she said she doesn't and that her phone storage is already full! Okay so I took the effort to install Viber so that we can talk. Suddenly she remembered that we used to talked on Skype but I told her that I don't use it anymore so I've deleted it also! ha ha ha (What's the point of having so many redundant apps , right?) That does it. I waited the confirmation sms for Viber ( which actually doesn't reached me, not until I was out of the house going somewhere and I have to use my Data to register it). 
So she called and I was so excited hearing her voice on the other side. We talked for about half an hour .. until my data connection went down when we reached unsupported area. Grr..

Uh - oh .. I wanted to write more but now I have to go cook lunch .. will continue later in the evening. 
Tata for now.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Just something a little bit way off than the usual handmade stuff ...

Hello there everybody! Now the title seems to give a little query to you guys who has been following me and reading this right now! Well I was just thinking that I should give my blog a chance to turn around a little and spice things up due to the long hiatus. Yeap! that does it. Starting from today it's going to be a new twist and format ( not just stuff and description and bla bla bla). I will start some nice story-telling just for your reading pleasure ( and to get to know me better for those who doesn't know me yet! Ha ha).

I intended to start up a new blog ( for this story telling purposes) but thought that maybe it would be better if I should just continue from where I've started. I miss everything I did for the past 6 years ( oh my it has been 6 years already?!?!). There were so many things that happened (that I thought was just some things that was beyond our human control), that made me stuck between wanting to continue or just stop right there! So now I've made up my mind that I will continue, no matter what happen and will strive and do my best to become what I've dreamed of.

Anyway we've just moved and I've yet to unpack or rearrange my sewing and crafting stuff. I got a small space right in the middle between rooms which is about 6' x 10' sq ft and I will try my best to fit everything in there and be productive this time around. 

Wish me luck and I will write more in my next post. Til then.

*I'm searching and looking for ideas for small crafting space. I hope I will find something that will work out.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Welcoming a new year ... in February!

I finally decided that I should get a new planner. All these while my work has been everywhere from journals to notebooks and sometimes just on a rough piece of paper! It gets difficult to track orders, my to do list as they keep missing and flown under the cabinet. 

Anyway it is just so typically me to get something pretty (to look at) to work on so I bought the Kikki K Time Planner in Pink ( I terribly want it in Mint! ) for a start. Yeah it is still not too late to start (almost the last week of Feb 2015 now) as there are still many more weeks to come :)

Just an introduction for my first post in 2015. Have a great day to all.