Sunday, May 16, 2010

tutorial : tri-fold wallet


this is the tutorial for a tri-fold wallet. it has one large compartment for money, 2 card slots and 2 more compartment to put in more cards or receipt, and one zipperd coin compartment. its cute as it is just a small wallet as you can slip it in your pocket whenever you gotta go for short errands.

you will need to cut :

A - 2 pieces of fabric 10.5" x 5.5" + 1 piece of interfacing
B - 2 pieces of fabric 10.5" x 4.5" + 2 pieces of interfacing
C - 2 pieces of fabric 7" x 4" + 1 piece of interfacing + 4" zipper
D - 1 piece of fabric 8.5" x 4 " + interfacing
1 piece of fabric 7.5" x 4" + interfacing
E - 1 piece of fabric 7" x 5" + interfacing

First you have to fold pieces D and E into half and sew it all around to make like a pocket. leave one end open and turn it inside out. top stitched the top to finish it.


next , to make the coin zippered pocket, draw a rectangle about the width size of your zipper on 1 piece C. (draw the rectangle for the zipper somewhere in the middle of the fabric). place the fabrics right sides together and pin in place. sew all around the rectangle. next cut the middle drawn line that you've made earlier and flip the whole fabric inside like in the picture below. then you fold the fabric into half (thats why you have to draw the line in the middle earlier).
fit in your zipper while adjusting it a little and stitch all around it at the top.

next you will have to attach the pieces D to fabric piece B right in the middle  for the card slots. place the longer one first and stitch on top at the sides while checking if the card fits. then place the second D piece below the first one and stitch again at the sides, leaving bottom open. next attach piece E on the right side of piece B and zippered coin compartment on the left.


take the other piece B and place it right sides together and stitched at the top. you'll get something like in the picture below when you open it. then fold the fabric under and baste the bottom part of the wallet to make it stay in place.


next place piece A(with interfacing) under and baste again the bottom part of the wallet. and finally place the last piece of fabric A (without interfacing) right sides together and stitch it all around the wallet leaving the top open a few inches ( big enough to flip it inside out). snip the corners and cut off excess fabric at the sides to make it less bulky. turn it out slowly and press.

now its ready for some show-off. comments and questions are welcome. happy sewing!


  1. waaa.....kena try pelan2.....nampak mudah tapi renyah...hehehehe

  2. cantik!
    tak pandai nak jahit zipper tuh

  3. terima kasih bagi tutorial ni...suatu hari nanti nak cuba....insya Allah

  4. nadia, interfacing tu guna kain apa ye? Kat mana nak cari?

  5. teratak hami, interfacing tu i guna yg jenis kain + belakang dia ada gam. kat kedai menjual brg2 jahitan biasanya ada jual. kena gosok kuat sikit sebab dia susah sikit nak lekat + jgn guna iron setting terlalu panas :)