Thursday, April 29, 2010

nursing cover

everybody has their first time for everything. this is the first time im sewing a nursing cover. i made this for iza and you can check out her website at hugzkisseseveryday.  the nursing cover comes with cute buttons and several holes on the strap for adjustments. as ive never sewn, buy or use any nursing cover before, this is definitely something new and i simply just love doing it. i also inserted a hard strip in to make the fabric kinda curve at the top. it will prevent the cover from covering the baby's face while he/she's nursing. i folded it up so that they will look neat and tuck to be put in the bag and ready to go!

thats the front and back view of the nursing cover. i was a bit confused about that small pocket at the back until i was informed that it was meant to put in small hanky or pacifier :)

i made a special pouch for it as well with cute cupcake applique. love it :)

and here are the cute buttons for adjustments. arent they just so cute? enjoy looking at the pictures and there's more on flickr. have a nice day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

little blue and little red

spending time making these were just as great as walking in the garden smelling spring flowers blooming. i just love the color of the fabric.

tiny little blue and little red flower. same fabric different color. both were just great working on with and lovely. enjoy looking at the pics!

Friday, April 16, 2010

wristlet/clutch - so nice you'll have to say it twice...

proudly present the reknown wristlet/clutch with detachable swivel keyring. come with one inner pocket and felt flower for a nice finishing touch! enjoy the pictures :)

" i heart shape wristlet"

" i heart tropical blue "

" i heart pink stripes"

"i heart mystical beaute"

*if you have problems clicking on these pictures, try view them on Flickr :)

bifold wallet

introducing my first ever bifold wallet. it has 3 card slots, 2 large compartments for money, receipts and such and 1 snap closure compartment for coins and money. its small enough to slip in the pocket when you need to make quick errands. cheers :) 

cloth book of felt numbers

let's make counting fun! its made of cloth and felt. i love it and im sure the kids gonna love it too! enjoy the pictures :)