Saturday, July 2, 2011

handmade zipper accordion wallet

This is my first take on making a zipper accordion wallet. I have longed to make one and just couldn't find any tutorials online so I just settled by making it using a wallet that I bought as a sample. Pretty tough though! 

As I don't do much with stuff finished by using the bias tape , making one like this is absolutely driving me crazy! I was trying to get it right + perfect + nice smooth joining (thats it!).

Making the interior part of the purse, sides and divider is a breeze *yippee* maybe I need to improvise it by adding zipper coin slots in the middle, that would make it! (yeah exactly like the wallet that I bought he he he)

Anyway I was so relieved that I made it and with better luck next time around, I'll do more of it (thats for sure).
Have a nice weekend !


  1. Great job!
    I also have the same (store bought)type of wallet with zipper pocket in the middle too.
    Have been wanting to try making one but never get to it. Bravo to you :)

  2. nice wallet..mesti susah gile kan nk buat...owh klo sy mmg dr awal menyerah kalah...huhu

  3. noen , takde la susah giler. cuma susah mencabar kesabaran je hehe

  4. Hi Nadia,

    that wallet looks amazing. I have been searching all over the internet for a tutorial to make a similar one. This is how I cam across your blog. Could you send me an email explaining how you got the zipper on? Or even posting a tutorial yourself? That would be really awesome and I would be really greatful.