Friday, October 29, 2010

crayon rolls

these were made for iza as party favors for her daughter's birthday bash! the theme: sesame street! how cool was that.

i also made some cute felt characters sewn on her birthday party dress. so what now, let's have fun this weekend :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

tutorial : fun fabric flower

this is the tutorial for fun fabric flower.

first cut 6 pieces of  fabrics 6"diameter and 1 piece of  fabric 4" diameter.

once you have all the pieces , fold the bigger pieces (which will become the flower petals) into half and then half again like in the picture below.

you will be having all 6 pieces folded into quarters.

next sew at the end of it with running stitches and connect all six pieces together. you could do it by hand or machine but i prefer sewing it by hand as i can adjust the distance between the stitches.

as for the smaller pieces (which will become the center of the flower) i stuffed it with rags from fabric or you could stuff it with cotton fiber and stitch it closed.

thats it, very easy and simple ! if you have any questions , drop me a line :)
enjoy your new fabric flower!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

elly style in plain black

ive never actually sewn a plain fabric for bags and this would be the first time im doing it and loving it! see how the shocking pink zippers contrast with the black fabric. its the regular elly style tote bag with 3 inner pockets (1 zippered).

with matching shocking pink zippers for the inner pocket.

just another wristlet that is 'easy to envy' in green :)