Wednesday, November 3, 2010

emily style drawstring bag

emily style in purple
status : SOLD
they are finally up for sale ; the latest bag design i made recently!! its called emily style drawstring bag. its made from fine japanese linen which comes in two tone design fabric. it measures 13" at the bottom, 11" from top to bottom, 4" deep from front to back, and approximately 16" at the top when its uncinched. it has 2 front pockets and 2 inner pockets (essential for bottles as a diaper bag). the bag can stand on its own even when its empty as it has multiple layers of interfacing to make it sturdy. its double stiched for fine finishing touch.

emily style in pink
status : SOLD

*these are the only 2 bags i have for sale. first come first serve. price RM70.

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  1. salam scraps yang dulu tu bole ke buat one of this emily style bag?Macam teringin lah pulak.Sms me the upah ya...