Thursday, July 30, 2009

sneak preview

well at last i managed to finished two bags now. they are so pretty and adorable and making me thinking twice or maybe thrice if i should sell it or keep it! i've also changed the embellishment on rain dots bag. i think this color for the felt flower looks better in color coordination. im gonna make 2 more and then moving on to make clutches next!

Monday, July 27, 2009

pretty enough to eat

handmade felted cakes is just as yummy to make as to eat them. love them every bit and plus they are zero fat and calories :)

its raining dots everywhere

rain dots is my favorite bag. it comes with zippers and inner zippered pocket. its sturdy and yet still soft to the touch. well , you can pack all your nice girly stuff in it and go for a 'show off' :)

rainbow stripe bag

isnt this wonderful. its a canvas fabric that comes with such lovely rainbow color. the pink lining makes it a match made in heaven :)

what i 'felt' about these

these are my lovely stack of felt collections. i really love them and has been making pretty stuff out of it. im gonna turn them into pretty bits and tiny cut out pieces this week. can't hardly wait to start working on them!