Thursday, November 10, 2011

tutorial - zippered handphone pouch

1. Cut out -  6" x 6 3/4" of fabric for the exterior - 1 piece
6" x 6 3/4" of fabric for the lining - 1 piece
2.5" x 12.5" of fabric for the strap - 1 piece
8 inch zipper

2. Add interfacing on the exterior , lining and strap fabric
3. Fold the fabric to make the strap to the middle crease and press
4. Fold again into half
5. Sew on both side to close it
6. Mark with a pen the middle point of the longest length for the exterior fabric

7. Place the strap that's been folded into half right in the middle where the mark is
8. Sew it in place
9. Place the zipper on the lining piece right in the middle of the longest length of the fabric
10. Lay the exterior fabric with strap sewn, on top of the zipper with right side of both fabrics facing together
11. Make sure that the zipper is unzipped
12. Start sewing from the middle and stop about an inch before the end of the fabric

13. Snip the zipper, cut the end of both fabric to make it into curve
14. Place the exterior fabric on top of the zipper again and continue sewing the curve right to the end of the fabric
15. This is how it looks like inside
16. Exterior view with one side of the zipper sewn
17. Repeat the same step for the other side with the zipper unzipped

19. Here's how it looks like when both side has been sewn
20. View from the side (inside view with zipper open - it's important to leave the zipper open as we are going to turn it out later
21. Now put the exterior pieces together as well as the lining pieces and pin in place
22. Sew across it and leave at lease 1 inch for the opening (marked line in blue)
23. Through the opening , turn the whole thing inside out
24. Stitch the opening close by hand (slip stitch) or machine (like me!)

That's it! It's done and ready for some show off :)
Alternative for the strap by using ribbon.
Good luck and Happy Sewing!


  1. waa...da lama cari tutorial ni, penah cuba wat ni rse fed up tang corner zip tuh...thanx nadia...insyaAllah nk cuba ni

  2. mcm beronak duri la nak buat pouch ni.. tapi kene cuba gak wlwpn mcm tak brapa nak yakin. thx nad.. :)

  3. thanks nad, tak pernah try lg zipper camni, nampak mcm complicated jer tp bila tgk tutorial ni mcm teringin nak buat lerr

  4. tutorialnya terlalu cepat, so i jadi binun??? bisa dibuat detail gak???