Monday, May 11, 2015

Just something a little bit way off than the usual handmade stuff ...

Hello there everybody! Now the title seems to give a little query to you guys who has been following me and reading this right now! Well I was just thinking that I should give my blog a chance to turn around a little and spice things up due to the long hiatus. Yeap! that does it. Starting from today it's going to be a new twist and format ( not just stuff and description and bla bla bla). I will start some nice story-telling just for your reading pleasure ( and to get to know me better for those who doesn't know me yet! Ha ha).

I intended to start up a new blog ( for this story telling purposes) but thought that maybe it would be better if I should just continue from where I've started. I miss everything I did for the past 6 years ( oh my it has been 6 years already?!?!). There were so many things that happened (that I thought was just some things that was beyond our human control), that made me stuck between wanting to continue or just stop right there! So now I've made up my mind that I will continue, no matter what happen and will strive and do my best to become what I've dreamed of.

Anyway we've just moved and I've yet to unpack or rearrange my sewing and crafting stuff. I got a small space right in the middle between rooms which is about 6' x 10' sq ft and I will try my best to fit everything in there and be productive this time around. 

Wish me luck and I will write more in my next post. Til then.

*I'm searching and looking for ideas for small crafting space. I hope I will find something that will work out.

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