Monday, February 7, 2011

sling bags for boys

i never thought that it would be difficult to come up with a fabric that is suitable for boys! as from all my previous bags sewing, ive never (i think) ever sewn anything for the other gender :)

so here's what ive came up with after a throughly never ending fabric hunting throughout the month of January, 2011

the measurements are :-

9" tall, 7" wide and 2" from front to back.
26" long for strap.
closes with a snap button.

there're more on my next upcoming post ! stay tuned :)


  1. HUh!you can't be serious bag for boys..sejak bila pulak bebudak lelaki ber sling bag...kak rose dah ketinggalan zaman hahaha..anyway yang gingham checks and stripes tu looks handsome...

  2. kak ros, it was a special request as a goody bag for boys.

  3. Love the sling bags displayed in this blog.