Saturday, February 5, 2011

buttercup bags (altered version)

another version of the altered buttercup bags. 2 straps with one long adjustable strap.

i find sewing the zipper the most biggest challenge! especially at the sides connecting the joining of the long strap to the bag. as it gets bulky, it increases the chances of breaking the needle so i would recommend sewing it slowly and use needle no. 16 to make it go nice and smooth.

its actually nice and bright purple but my camera just couldnt get that 'nice' purple color when i snap the pictures.

these bags come with 2 type of straps, one long adjustable detachable strap and a pair of short strap. there are 2 pockets and 1 zippered pocket inside. its absolutely a fun bag to make and with a zipper closure it does keeps all your stuff secured!
thanks for viewing and happy holidays :)


  1. Memang conceal zip nih payah nak jahit kan..Tapi bila dah jadi...cantik tersangat!Kalau guna mesin high speed you will minimise the possibility of broken needles...Anyway..your handwork is great nadia...kemas sangat..

  2. thanks for your lovely comment kak ros!