Sunday, January 15, 2012

New - Medium Pleated with Magnetic Flap Clutch

It has been a while since I last wrote in here and I made this new pattern clutch to welcome the 2012. It is a request from my lovely sis Nykolett who wanted a simple clutch as wedding gifts.  

Throughout the pattern making process , I figured out that it is actually quite tough to get the pleates nicely 'pleated' while the flap closure not too big nor too small ; so that it fits just nice!

So I adjusted it a few times just to get it right!
 Not too big but it sure fits in my wallet and cellphone. It is so sweet and girly that it made me want to keep it for myself :)

Above are some of the stuff I grab at a bazaar held at Berjaya Times Square from Sew Fabby and Rozi's Needlework booth.

Most of it are for my kids and they really love the beauties in handmade items :) . I wondered why they asked me to buy FQ until they got home and asked me to sew Barbie clothes out of it !

Anyway if you didn't catch it yesterday, you can still go today and have fun supporting handmade stuff !
Have a lovely weekend and tata for now!


  1. cute clutch..

    sewing a barbie cloth was really a hard time sewing for me hahaha.. and my daughter keeps on wanting more designs.. aduhaiiii

  2. comelnyaaaa... fabric pn cun..

    keep on posting yeah.. :)