Monday, July 18, 2011

giveaway winner !

Here's the moment that we have been waiting for ! I've randomly picked the winner for my zipper accordion wallet and the lucky winner is Comment No. 8 !!

Here's what she said :-
salam...mau cuba nasib jugak la.. sy suka all in one wallet..senang leh sumbat sume benda dlm satu wallet jer. harap2 ad la rezki untuk bergaya ngan wallet dr nadia raya tahun ni..hehe

Congratulations NoEn !! I will contact you shortly via email. As for all the others who has participated, I'm truly grateful and thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart :)
 May there be better luck next time *hugs*


  1. herm..xde rezeki..tahniah pemenang..:)

  2. Nad, dh dapat dh wallet lovely..cantik and kemas jer it..TQ so much