Saturday, May 28, 2011

teacher's day bag - sara lynn bag

Here are some of the bags I made for Teacher's Day gift requested by one of the teacher's in my daughter's school. There were total 9 bags all together and the request came in 2 days before their actual event. I was kinda reluctant to accept it at first *not knowing if I could actually get it done within 48 hours*, but I accepted it anyway and trusting my inner voice saying 'you can do it' :)

So the teachers wrote down their favorite color while I chose the fabrics *my favorite part*

The most challenging part, getting it done fast ! I'm so used to do my work at my own sweet pace :)

Fast + flawless = feels like not breathing for a few minutes hahaha

By the end of the day , I was glad I made it just in time and everybody was happy with their bags! Happy Teacher's Day :)


  1. Cantiknya bag ni. Simple looking, yet very nice! Saya tabik you boleh buat 9 bag in 48 hours! Congrats!

  2. wow...those are lovely. I'm envious. hope one day i can do them too.

  3. can u share to us how to do this bag..really nice

  4. nk order beg corak daun 2 cmne ek?

  5. send me email or click on tab 'how to order' on top of this page. thanks !