Friday, April 15, 2011

sew along - applique project update

fabrics for the applique

I've been very busy for these past few weeks but I still try to keep my hands on something that I would consider as a 'quick break'. Becoming part of the 'sew along - applique project' hosted by sue from my botang has got me jumped with joy! I can't wait to start doing it since this would be the first time I'm doing applique + pattern + tutorial. It's sure gonna be fun :)

As following the time-line, this week will be the printing pattern, instructions and choosing fabrics for the project. I do have some scraps that I think would make a good looking finish project but I was so tempted to get the 'red and white gingham' fabric from the shop for the table cloth. Oh! So typical !

patterns and instructions

So how are you guys coming along with the project? Had all your fabrics selected yet?

fabrics for background, table cloth, vase, flowers and stem
*apart from that, I'm still finishing up all current orders as soon as possible :)


  1. waaaaaaaaa..... not yet *rushing to my studio to choose fabrics* :P

  2. I think i need to woooosh....rush to mine too!!!

  3. hi Nadia... the fabrics you choose look great together.. can't wait to see the result.. :)

  4. wa....... (mode:ternganga)cantik... mesti yang bunga2 tu untuk background.. wa... memang sweet.. boleh bayangkan dah... :D

    saya macam biasa... undecided... hahaha...
    last minit confirm tukar lagi.. hahaha