Wednesday, March 9, 2011

reversible bucket bag - sew along by mybotang

front view with button closure
  here's the reversible bucket bag that i made recently following the sew along group hosted by my botang :). i managed to get it done before the due date which is on march 14th as im heading for a holiday break starting the end of this week.

2 pockets (as i dont intend to use it inside out :))
there were mainly 2 new things that ive learned throughout this bag making process. first, ive never made anything with round or oval base :) so i find this a little peculiar especially trying to smooth out the uneven pleats around the corners ;p . second, making bias tape and putting it around the bag as a handle. i find it not difficult at all ! the only drawback is the pattern instruction does not stated you to put interfacing for the bias tape and i find that being a little filmsy for the handles. im so used to more structured ones :)

inside out of the bag
anyway its fun making it and i might sew it again (with more stiffer handles hehe).
til then. happy sewing :)


  1. neat work Nadia and super fast.. senyap-2 aje dah siap.. hehehe
    do post your pictures on our Flickr group for others to admire and comment kay..

    I want to ask you about the double stitching you did on the binding.. any reason for doing it? does it make the binding/handle straight (as some have said the result of the bias tape was uneven or not smooth)

  2. cantik.. a pocket inside is a good idea. I found it a bit difficult to organise my things without a pocket

  3. wahh..cantiknya.. love bunga2 hijau kuning biru tu.. :) alahai bila my one nak siap ni... huhu

  4. Redup nye warna biru tu...rasanye kite kene modify sikit pattern granny bag nih ikut peredaran masa..Granny masa kini muda2 so handle kene sturdy and keras supaya selesa digenggam ekk.

  5. sue, i actually thought it was sewn that way as thats how i sew my bags handles :P anyway the most reasonable reason is double stitched makes it look better/nicer. if the bias is not even, it could have been that you've stretch it while sewing. dont stretch or pull. just sew!

  6. salam,wah dah siap,cantik sungguh,I am going to interface the tape for the handle with a thicker one.

  7. gorgeous! mine one...bila agaknya nak siap ni. huhu...jeles tengok orang lain dah siap.