Sunday, January 9, 2011

buttercup bag in purple

here's the buttercup bag in purple. ive always been a fan of anything thats purple. purple is simply my favorite color :) i made this bag for a friend of mine and she loves purple too. ive recycled the metal D-ring from her preloved bag and i think it does look great on it. the bag has 2 functions which is why i also made a detachable adjustable strap as a sling bag.

thats how it looks like as a sling bag.

the interior view which has 2 pocket slots and one zippered pocket.


  1. wahhhh....cantiknyaaaa..i also like purple..:D

  2. wow...very bright colour ya...I just love buttercup bags.Dah terbayang2 a few of my scraps in buttercups.hihihi.Do sms me about the price ya nadia.