Sunday, March 28, 2010

cloth book of felt letters

As from all the crafts that i've done so far, i should rate this as the toughest one i've ever did! its a special request of a cloth baby book of 26 felt letters. i added pictures as a compliment.

so why the toughest? well i made it all entirely by hand. yeah it does sound crazy as ive spent almost a week finishing this up! sewing through thick layers were just impossible for the machine and i dont want to break it so i have to do by hand.

after all, i guess its worth the effort. i love it and its kinda hard knowing that im making it for someone else! hope you'll like it as much as i do :) now im off making the book of numbers which is coming up pretty soon.


  1. A lot of work I agree and handstitched plak tu.. wuuuhhh!! I can only click on 3 pics to see the details (3 lagi mcm tak leh nak besarkan..)love how you have included small objects kat tepi alphabets tu.. cute!!

  2. this is mine...hehehe...i love it..tq