Saturday, February 13, 2010

tutorial : twirly girly skirt

This is the tutorial for twirly girly skirt. the size is 4T-6T.

Since this is the first time im doing a tutorial, i hope its fully understandable, simple and clear. Have fun making it and i'll be please to see what you come up with!

First you will need to cut :
8 pieces of fabrics from the pattern piece for bottom part of the skirt (front and back)
2 pieces of 17" x 9" for upper part of the skirt (front and back)
2 pieces of 3"x 45" for the ruffled edges

* As for the pattern piece, you can download it here
[this pattern is for PERSONAL use only]

All measurements are approximate.

Sew the pattern pieces Right sides facing and sew all 4 pieces in a row. Do the same with the other 4 pieces.

Gather the long strip (up to 27" long) to make the ruffles and sew it Right sides facing the 4 pattern pieces that you have sewn earlier. Do the same with the other 4 pieces and press the seam allowances up. Now you have the front and back of the skirt pattern pieces sewn with the ruffled edges. Hem the end of the ruffles to neaten it up.

With Right sides together, align the rectangle for the top part with the bottom part (4 pieces pattern pieces) and sew them up as well as the sides. Finish it up with an elastic band.

There you'll have your little one twirling around in her new skirt.
Comments are most welcome!

Credits to my lovely model, Elysya posed for photograph.