Tuesday, December 8, 2009

diaper bag

Yey! I finally get to finish the diaper bag that i started since last week. Its a custom made for Azian with lotsa pockets and two types of straps. a short strap as a large tote bag and a long strap as a sling bag. i should say its more like a convertible diaper bag! the most challenging part in doing it is the top zipper part. apart from that , its also the inner pockets with bands on it. there are two pockets in front of the bag, one large zippered compartment at the back and six inner compartments for diapers, clothing and bottles. its a nice size for daily outing or short trips with baby.

anyway, i started to 'fall in love' with it throughout the making process. i'll definitely make one for myself one day :)


  1. A well done job indeed.. it looks sooo complicated to make with soooo many parts to cut and fuse and attach.. i'd be lost.. but you did a wonderful job with it.. and may i say, the rainbow print fabric is so cheerful..

  2. Hi Nadia, luv it luv it luv it... ha ha... looks like the way i want it. cant wait to get my hands on the real thing. meanwhile, i will jus drool... thanks Nadia. appreciate your "hardwork" and help making me tis bag.

  3. naktanya..kalo beg macam ni berapa harganya ek?thanks

  4. Nadia, boleh buat lagi? i'm looking for one as the one in the market is just too expensive...

    Compartment to ada brape pocket?
    Want it with compartment to put the diapers, bottles, food stuff. As long as i don't have to rummage in the bag to find things...

    nik eliana