Wednesday, August 25, 2010

tutorial : pyramid pouch

here's the tutorial for pyramid pouch that i made recently. i've mentioned in my previous post that i'll post the tutorial so grab your pen/pencil and paper or just print this tutorial out :)

first gather all the stuff you need to make one :-
- cut 1 outer fabric 10 1/4" (26cm) x  6" (15cm) - interfacing is optional
- cut 1 fabric for lining 10 1/4" (26cm) x 6" (15cm) - interfacing is optional
- 1 zipper 6"
- 1 strip of ribbon 8"

the instructions are pretty simple. i guess the pictures tell a thousand words.
*just to notify that ive used the same fabric design for outer part and lining of the pouch. and i dont use interfacing. (interfacing will make it more stabilized and structured tough!).

first place the zipper facing up on one of the shorter ends of the right side of fabric (lining). next place another fabric (outer) right side facing the first fabric on top of it and sew it in place. (pictures above)

now basically you're done for one side of the zipper. as for the other side of the zipper again place the zipper on the right side of fabric and place the other fabric on top of the zipper (like in the pictures above). its kinda like 'sandwiched' the zipper in between.

sew it and now you're done with zippers! next open it up and adjust it so that the end of the zipper is place in the middle of the fabric pieces. i cut a slit on both fabric to mark its center. then sew it right through. (pictures below as references).

as for the other end of the fabric, line up the zippers so that they match and pin in place. next place your ribbon on the outer part of the fabric facing in and pin in place again. very important note : make sure your zippers are open at this point!

sew it all the way across the zipper and leave about 2" opening to turn it over (2" opening marked with a blue line). once you're done with it , turn it over through the opening you left and stitched it close.

well thats it! enjoy your new pouch and happy sewing :)


  1. wahhh this cute beg dah ada tute rupanya.. thanks a lot for sharing... emm again add up to my list sighhhh.. lepas raya ni bole try kut hihihi

  2. So cute. Saya ada soalan. What kind of lining do you use? Is it hard to get? thanks.

  3. sitijamal : i use the same cotton fabric for lining.

  4. hmmm...nampak macam senang...tapi masih tak faham...hehehehe...saya kena baca betul2 nih...:)

  5. Only one doubt: after you pin the ribbon, how do you sow to make the pyramid look?? I'm doing something wrong from then on and I don't know what.

  6. Memang cute pun. Nak cuba buat. Mudah2an menjadi.

  7. thank you for the sharing.. saya tak pernah buat lagi dan teringin nak buat. memang sedang mencari tutorial.. thanks

  8. mcm nk xtau la ni, hrp jd, aminn